Thursday, April 2, 2015

Emerging artist Jan Davison LOVES LOCAL

Emerging artist Jan Davison is a great supporter of small local businesses. As she goes about her daily life, she makes a point of connecting with people at these varied local establishments. Jan reminds us through her paintings, that small businesses play a very important role is creating a community and provides a place to gather, support, share and grow. These exciting works are just the beginning of a series of paintings that pays homage to just a few of her local haunts. Watch for more works by Jan Davison this Fall during NOCTURNE at Argyle Fine Art.

To view the works larger as well as see details pertaining to each (Size and pricing) click the link HERE. Call us to reserve a work you love (902) 425-9456 or email us at

This is a painting of the LaHave Bakery, located in LaHave in the South Shore. Jan really captured the simple beauty of this local mainstay and it's serene yet lively surroundings. I'm hungry for a butter tart. Mmmmmmm...if you ever visit Nova Scotia, make this place a need-to-visit location.

The Seahorse no longer lives on Argyle Street, but it had done some for hundreds of years, being one of the oldest original pubs begun in Halifax. This scene is about as iconic Halifax as you can get! This famous summertime strip is very busy especially once patio season is upon us.

Halifax is changing so rapidly! So much construction and new buildings bringing with them, new exciting & delicious businesses, such as Rousseau Chocolatier.
This is a popular local business located on Argyle Street- filled with lots of temptations of local fashion and quirky items you won't find any where else!

Ah....the Hydrostone District in Halifax is one of the most beautiful parts of the city, but often overlooked by tourists. Nothing beats sitting outside the many different restaurants and bakeries, watching the world go by.

The North End of Halifax is also changing so much!  But it all started with a few young entrepreneurs taking chances, and developing great new businesses like this delicious ice cream shop and more! DEE DEES!

Food Trucks are becoming very popular in Halifax.  And donuts...need I say more! You can find this truck often parked outside of our  favourite magazine shop here in Halifax; Atlantic News.
Another popular scene in the North End...lots of delicious and unique shops along Agricola Street to explore whether you are a tourist or a local alike!