Friday, August 28, 2015

Remember When: Yes, we did that Blog Series!

It's hard to believe that Argyle Fine Art has been around for 15 years. In that much time,it's easy to forget all the wild, wonderful and often wacky things we have participated in or shows we've curated. Thankfully, old scrap books remind us of some of the tales and the internet takes over where the old newspaper clippings left off.

So, we thought it may be fun to answer a few interesting questions from time to time, and of course you can ASK US anything you'd like!  ASK US a question...maybe we'll answer it in our new September blog series of "Remember When" or  alternately "Questions and Answers". (Send your questions to


 "What is one of the strangest shows you've ever hosted at Argyle Fine Art?"


There are so so many shows and events that we could mention, however one show that stands out  in particular is that time we hosted an artist named Kramer. Kramer just happened to be a raccoon.

Proof that anyone or anything can be an artist!  The idea for this show came to us via a friend of the gallery who was volunteering with Hope for Wildlife as a veterinary assistant. Turns out one little baby raccoon had some behavioral issues, but when he was presented with paint and canvas...his whole world changed.  In fact, other raccoon's also got in on the action and before you know entire show was in the making, with the money raised going to the wonderful Hope for Wildlife.

Yup. That was a weird and wonderful day.  Here's the newspaper clipping from the whole affair, just to prove it really happened. 

Seems we still have an affinity towards raccoons are some recent raccoon sightings in the gallery right now!  Ready to go home with you....

Ceramic Raccoon by Bronwyn Arundel- Lifesized!

Raccoon by Kim Danio- made from a shoe and a shoe liner!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

...and our other dog is a CAT

So we heard it was #National Dog Day today....(Thanks to TWITTER, there seems that everything has it's "DAY" ) but we decided to share the latest work by Michelle St-Onge featured below. Actually she brought us a few new works'll have to drop by and see the rest.  They are purrrrrrrrrrrfect!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

OPENING TODAY: New Works by Jane Rovers and Dave LeRue

Stroll down to the gallery and join us today from 2-4pm for new work by artist Jane Rovers and emerging artist Dave LeRue.

Jane's show "Home" is available for viewing online
As is Dave's new collection of paintings: click here
"Down the Road", Jane Rovers
Con(ventional) Town Center, Dave LeRue

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

THURSDAY, August 20th from opening hours until 8pm! DOWNTOWN ARTWALK

Tomorrow's the big day! When participating galleries from all over HRM open their doors until 8pm, to allow for all you happy art walkers to enjoy the variety of galleries this region has to offer. This is a SELF GUIDED tour, with no ticket cost or entrance fee - and everyone's invited! 

Pickup a Passport from a participating venue along your travels, and answer the (not so skill testing) questions, unique to each gallery. If you answer correctly, your passport will be stamped/signed by the gallery attendee - and with just THREE stamps/ signatures, your name will be entered to 
win an incredible variety of prizes! And trust us - we've seen some of the prizes... they're fantastic!!

Participating venues include :
Art 1274, Studio 21, Teichert Gallery, Zwicker's Gallery, Hermes Gallery, Dart Gallery, Sugar Shok, The Darkside Cafe and Gallery, Secord Gallery, ArtZone, Inkwell, Viewpoint Gallery, SHAG gallery, Puffin Gallery, Mary Black Gallery, Eyelevel Gallery, The Craig Gallery, and us! (Argyle Fine Art!) 

Looking for more information? Keep apprised 
via Twitter @artwalkhalifax #artwalkhrm and Facebook: Downtown Artwalk

Friday, August 14, 2015


Recent visitors to the gallery will know that outstanding local potter, Toni Losey, is on prominent display at the gallery. Everyone who stops in seems to be as impressed and excited as we are - Toni's work will stop you in your tracks, and have you lean in for a closer look. Serene, lively, and beautifully composed, this collection is Toni's first in depth series of "peepers" (adorable bud vases!) delicately balanced on porcelain pillows and Nova Scotian beach stones. You can't help but smile at the simplicity of these finished pieces, and marvel at how darn impressive her technique is. And if you listen closely enough, you can almost hear the little peepers sounding off like miniature horns... or maybe that's just me? (don't call the Dr. just yet.)

Take a peek at some of the peepers by clicking HERE, and make sure you stop in soon, to have a gander for yourselves. As you might have guessed, these pieces are tough to capture via photo. You need to walk around them to experience (and hear?) the full effect!!  

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Today is #Youthday- Celebrate Young Artists!

According to Twitter, today's trending topic is Youth. In fact, did you know that it's International Youth Day? you know! Celebrate the youth who will make our world an even better place to live! Days like yesterday prove this!

As our blog readers know, we've been fundraising a bit at the gallery, with the help of a puppet made by Darren Moreash of "Weird Al" Yankovic and signed by Al Yankovic on a recent visit to the gallery. With the help of friends and strangers, the word got out that we were hoping to raise enough money to assist an invaluable non-profit in our community: Youth Art Connection.  We are pleased to announce that we raised $2725!  HOLY MOLY!

From Youth Art Connection:   Because of this amazing effort, 6 ArtPreneurs will travel to Ontario in the fall to check out The Remix Project, meet top shelf artist/business mentors, and then present at the Power of the Arts National Forum in Ottawa!

Of course, the real thanks goes to the highest bidder and other contributors to our cause!  Pictured below is Shane MacDonald, who is the proud owner of the marionette for now. He'll be gifting it to a very special daughter later in the year. (sshhhhhhhhh....don't tell her, it's a secret)

Left to Right: Adriana Afford (Owner of Argyle Fine Art) , Caitlin McGuire (local artist & teacher of the arts), Darren Moreash (artist of the marionette) , Shane MacDonald (generous bidder!), Cavell Holland (one of the best success stories of Youth Art Connection) and Ryan Veltmeyer (Co-Director of Youth Art Connection)

Friday, August 7, 2015

HAVE YOU SEEN THESE? New pieces by gallery artists!

Even with Gordon MacDonald's and Toni Losey's show in full swing, we've continued accepting the trickle of summer artwork arriving from a variety of our local gallery artists. From Mary Garoutte's collection of quiet, emotive scenes of Lunenburg, to Sarah Jones's cool, industrial renderings of our waterfront. Oh, and of course there's the new colourful little birdies made by one of our most treasured folk artists, Basil Doucette. We're bursting at the seams with handsome new pieces, ready for viewing during one of our busiest seasons. Stop in, won't you?!

 "The Beginning of Evening, Falkland St" By Mary Garoutte 24" x 24", Oil on Board
 "Dwellings (Light in the Window)" By Mary Garoutte 16" x 20" Oil on Board
 "Harbour (0013)" by Sarah Jones 30" x 60" Oil on Canvas

       Wee little birdie by Basil Doucette!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Little Campfire

Gordon MacDonald's solo show is now in full swing. We're enjoying speaking with lots of people that have been lured into the gallery by his luminous skies and open spaces filled with colour and abstraction. This show is the perfect sampling of all things Gordon is passionate about painting. Make sure to get in or experience the entire show online HERE

This year more than ever before, we have noticed subtle and engaging narratives have started to emerge into some of his landscapes. If you've had a chance to see the paintings in person, then you probably already know this, but just in case we wanted to point out one very special piece that has people talking each time they view it in person.

The work pictured above is called "Long Lake"  which Gordon MacDonald 
talks about in his own words: 

When we look at something very light like a sky, what is in the darkness falls away and detail is lost. We are aware of what's there, but it's what we know rather than whats in our vision. Since in most cases, the sky is lighter than everything below it and a balance had to be struck with detail and colour. I thought a bonfire would be interesting because  if small enough, it would become something we know given the distance the painting should be viewed at. It also implies a human presence. Canadian landscape painters, as opposed to American ones are more likely to leave people out all together.

Detail of the small surprise- the small campfire in Long Lake by Gordon MacDonald

Monday, August 3, 2015

Gordon MacDonald and Toni Losey Shows are now ONLINE

Two amazing artists were celebrated this past Thursday at the gallery...with lots of pieces finding new homes. There are so many wonderful works remaining which are now online for everyone to enjoy. 

Take a moment and enjoy the beauty!

SEE ALL OF GORDON MACDONALD's works from his current show HERE

SEE ALL OF TONI LOSEY's works from her current show HERE