Friday, August 28, 2015

Remember When: Yes, we did that Blog Series!

It's hard to believe that Argyle Fine Art has been around for 15 years. In that much time,it's easy to forget all the wild, wonderful and often wacky things we have participated in or shows we've curated. Thankfully, old scrap books remind us of some of the tales and the internet takes over where the old newspaper clippings left off.

So, we thought it may be fun to answer a few interesting questions from time to time, and of course you can ASK US anything you'd like!  ASK US a question...maybe we'll answer it in our new September blog series of "Remember When" or  alternately "Questions and Answers". (Send your questions to


 "What is one of the strangest shows you've ever hosted at Argyle Fine Art?"


There are so so many shows and events that we could mention, however one show that stands out  in particular is that time we hosted an artist named Kramer. Kramer just happened to be a raccoon.

Proof that anyone or anything can be an artist!  The idea for this show came to us via a friend of the gallery who was volunteering with Hope for Wildlife as a veterinary assistant. Turns out one little baby raccoon had some behavioral issues, but when he was presented with paint and canvas...his whole world changed.  In fact, other raccoon's also got in on the action and before you know entire show was in the making, with the money raised going to the wonderful Hope for Wildlife.

Yup. That was a weird and wonderful day.  Here's the newspaper clipping from the whole affair, just to prove it really happened. 

Seems we still have an affinity towards raccoons are some recent raccoon sightings in the gallery right now!  Ready to go home with you....

Ceramic Raccoon by Bronwyn Arundel- Lifesized!

Raccoon by Kim Danio- made from a shoe and a shoe liner!