Friday, August 7, 2015

HAVE YOU SEEN THESE? New pieces by gallery artists!

Even with Gordon MacDonald's and Toni Losey's show in full swing, we've continued accepting the trickle of summer artwork arriving from a variety of our local gallery artists. From Mary Garoutte's collection of quiet, emotive scenes of Lunenburg, to Sarah Jones's cool, industrial renderings of our waterfront. Oh, and of course there's the new colourful little birdies made by one of our most treasured folk artists, Basil Doucette. We're bursting at the seams with handsome new pieces, ready for viewing during one of our busiest seasons. Stop in, won't you?!

 "The Beginning of Evening, Falkland St" By Mary Garoutte 24" x 24", Oil on Board
 "Dwellings (Light in the Window)" By Mary Garoutte 16" x 20" Oil on Board
 "Harbour (0013)" by Sarah Jones 30" x 60" Oil on Canvas

       Wee little birdie by Basil Doucette!