Thursday, May 23, 2024

PreShrunks NOW for LESS, oh my!

Are you a fan of our little 4"x5" PreShrunk artworks? Get them NOW for LESS! 

We've got an awesome selection of works from 2024 and previous years still available at the gallery and we're offering everything at $125 OR LESS!

Scroll through the below images for just a sample of the MANY artworks now on for less!  

Find links to the full selection at the bottom of this page!

 Lio Lo, Tangled, 4"x5", Acrylic on Paper mounted on Board
NOW $125

Megan LeForte, By Candlelight 3, 4"x5"Acrylic on Board
NOW $85

George Spencer, Strawberry Study Two,  4"x5", Oil on Board
NOW $125

Jennifer Sinclair, 4"x5", My Gas Makes the Angels Weep, Acrylic on Board
NOW $95

Sarah Hutten, Amble, 4" x 5", Oil on Canvas
NOW $125

Jessica Gay, Earthrise, 4" diameter, embroidered hoop
NOW $85

Jeanne Germani, Intangible, 4"x5", Mixed Media on Board
NOW $85

Patrizia Berdkan, You're In For A Penny, 4"x5"Acrylic on Board
NOW $125

Gwendolyn Frankton, River Otter, 5" x 4", ink and watercolour on board
NOW $75

Danny Abriel, Sand and Surf, 4"x5", Acrylic on Canvas
NOW $125

Emily Krueckl, The Fisherman, 4"x5" Needle Felt on Board
NOW $125

Mark Brennan, Non-civilized, 4"x5", Oil on Board
NOW $95

Annie Murray, Untitled (French Braid), 4"x5", Oil on Board
NOW $125

Miyoshi Kondo, Island, 4"x5", Gouache on Watercolour Paper
NOW $125

Jane Rovers, Bubblegum, Photography on Board
NOW $75

Follow THIS LINK to see all the PreShrunks from 2024 NOW available at $125 each

& follow THIS LINK to see PreShrunks from previous years for $125 OR LESS

Friday, May 17, 2024


 On May 11th we opened a show at the gallery titled "The Size of Life" with Heidi Holloway! 

The Size of Life opening reception graphic

This show features 19 new paintings by Heidi, all depicting birds found in Atlantic Canada!

Not only are these friendly fowl found within the Eastern Provinces but Heidi has chosen to paint each beautiful birdie true to its actual size! 

Heidi' show on display in the main gallery.

Truly the SIZE OF LIFE! 

See below for some of Heidi's painting from this show and a few older works by Heidi still available at the gallery!

"Common Loon (Gavia Immer)", Acrylic on Canvas, 36"x48"

"Atlantic Puffin (Fratercula Arctica)", Acrylic on Canvas, 9x12

Left Top: "Wilson's Warbler (Cardellina Pusilla)", Acrylic Canvas, 6"x6"
Left Bottom: "Hooded Warbler (Setophaga Citrina)", Acrylic on Canvas, 6" x 6"
Right: "Yellow Warbler (Setophaga Petechia)", Acrylic on Canvas, 6"x6"

Heidi posed in front of her largest piece, 60"x48" "Great Blue Heron (Ardea Herodias)" (SOLD) at the opening.

One of the six smallest works in the show...
"Bee Humming Bird 1 (Mellisuga Helenae 1)", Acrylic on Canvas, 2”x2”
(stand included with purchase)

"Northern Cardinal Flight (Cardinalis Cardinalis)", Acrylic on Canvas, 12"x16"

Older works from Heidi still available in at the gallery...

"Sail", Acrylic on Canvas, 12"x16"

"At Your Beak And Call", Acrylic on Board,  20"x16"

                            Love what you're seeing? Check out the entire show "The Size of Life" HERE
And Heidi's full album of older available artworks HERE

Thursday, May 16, 2024


 A new show just went up in our lower gallery last weekend! 

This show, titled "I Will Be There By Tonight" by Caileigh Lambie features seven new works with wonderfully ominous themes. 

Graphic from the show opening 

If you haven't had the chance to see Caileigh's work before, you'll be delighted and impressed by this young emerging artist's skill and attention to details. 

Caileigh posed with her painting, "RIP", 2023

Caileigh's works, often depicting realistically rendered animals and figures combined with dark backgrounds takes the dark tones one step further with this show, creating a sense of urgency and unease within the story telling in this body of work. 

See below for some of the incredible paintings from this show, as well older works still available from Caileigh.

"Late Spring", 36" x 36", Acrylic on Canvas

"Hue and Cry", 20"x 20", Acrylic on Canvas

"Cold Call", 30" x 46", Acrylic on Canvas

Older works still available at the gallery

Labor, 30" x 48" Acrylic on Canvas

"RIP", 24" x 36", Acrylic on Canvas

Click HERE to see Caileigh's entire show. 


Tuesday, April 30, 2024


 We're nearing the end of our very cozy group show "I'd Rather Be Home in My Sweatpants", closing May 3rd. 

If you haven't had a chance yet, visit us at the gallery and catch this wonderful, homey & cheerful show of 30+ local artists!

Over the course of the show we've been asking participating artists where the inspiration for their works came from... read below to see what these artists had to say!


"Connected, Acrylic on Canvas, 11"x14"

“Connected" is painted from an old photo of my sister and two cousins in my childhood bedroom, taken when they were around 8 years old. The title references the fact that they are all using their iPods, and we are connected through technology. This subject was inspired by the show’s prompt – playing on the iPod was a popular indoor activity for us growing up. An alternate and more personal meaning to the painting is that “connected” is a song from ‘Barbie and the Diamond Castle’ which was my sister and I's favorite movie during our childhood."


"Reading Chair", Embroidery Floss and Roving Wool, 9” oval

"I would always rather be home for the most part. In the before times, preparing, commuting, and staring at a screen in a building was my reality. The best thing to come out of covid was working from home, and the worst thing about emerging from that reality is the corporate-mandated clawback of my personal time. When I think about where I would rather be, it is in a comfortable green and quiet space, with plants, natural light, no screens, and lots of time. If there is one thing embroidery needs, it's that."



"Tucked Away", Watercolour, 8"x10"

"The Pantry", Watercolour, 5"x8"

"The Yellow Dress", Watercolour, 10"x12"

"What a Superbly Featured Room", Watercolour, 10"x8" Room

"My painting, “What a superbly featured room”, is the one I really dedicated to the show. I have three others, and I love them all dearly, and they absolutely check the box on coziness, but with this one, every aspect was made with this theme in mind. I wanted the piece to feel lived in – like it was just your average evening where you’re curled up on the couch with a chill movie and your loved one. And like most of my art, it was about piling in a bunch of details to draw you in. Those little touches feel like they’re offering a glimpse of who the person is that lives in the space, and there’s something warm and inviting about that."

See the entire "I'd Rather Be Home in My Sweatpants" show HERE

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

We asked these artists what cozy meant to them...

 Things have been EXTRA cozy at the gallery lately while we have been enjoying this group show "I'd Rather Be Home in My Sweatpants"! 

This show opened April 13th and will be up until May 3rd, so if you're downtown Halifax stop by the gallery, say HI and check it out!

We've been asking artists from the show where the inspiration for their pieces came from, see what they had to say below!


"Lonely Phil" Oil on Canvas, 12"x12"

"This theme..."I'd Rather Be Home in My Sweatpants" put a smile on my face. I can certainly relate, and I just love the cozy feeling of being inside on a cold blustery day, watching the sun make designs on the wall. "Lonely Phil" represents the wonderful quiet of not having to converse with anybody. Maybe it's a bit lonely... maybe it's blissful."

"Waiting for Sun" Oil on Canvas, 24"x18"

"I just love this theme... "I'd Rather Be Home in My Sweatpants". I frequently feel that way myself. "Waiting for Sun" represents that wonderful feeling of relaxing at home while the sun comes through the windows warming whatever it touches. I see the plants soaking up the sun and think, (hope) perhaps, that they can feel the luxury of it, just as I can feel the luxury of unwinding at home."

Libby posed with her paintings at the show opening.


"Stitched Rock"  4”x6.5”, Mix Media

"In all my work I try to celebrate the complexity that is waiting for us each time we take a moment to allow the natural world to occupy our senses and minds. In these pieces my aim was to bring a favourite place(Black Rock Beach) into my home to fill in times when I can't visit them. In the pinned rocks I wanted the beauty of our common beach rocks (Foliated Metamorphic) to be appreciated as dissected specimens. Contrasting that in the sewn rock I wanted to show the fragility of these same rocks and connect them with soft materials of wood and cotton. I learned so much about how rocks form, fracture, and cut during this work. Coming home from a walk with a pocket full of rocks has become a common occurrence."


"Fluff Muffin" Acrylic on Canvas, 18"x24"

"This is a painting of my dog Bowie, the day after hurricane Fiona. We had lost power and Bowie was standing with just his front paws on the couch, looking outside to assess the damage and waiting for his mom to come home. I was inspired to paint this scene because of the dramatic lighting hitting his face and chest fur that reminded me of a classical portrait with edges of the main figure being lost in darkness. I liked the juxtaposition of the seriousness of the lighting and pose he was in against the lovable cuteness of his face and floppy mouth. I made a sketch of this in my sketchbook while sitting in my living room waiting for power to come back on. 
I had always had this image in mind as a "someday" painting. This felt like the perfect opportunity to do a full scale painting of my fluff muffin when thinking of the theme "I'd rather be home in my sweatpants." It captures a moment that I was grateful to be safe at home, most likely in my sweatpants, with my dog as emotional support and comfort. Hopefully this image brings others the same joy that Bowie brings me."

Matthew posed with his painting at the show opening.

See the full "I'd Rather Be Home in My Sweatpants" show HERE

Saturday, April 20, 2024

Every artwork has a story!

Have you had a chance to see our current show "I'd Rather Be Home in My Sweatpants"? This group show includes over 30 local artists and 60+ artworks! 

Each artist was asked to respond to the title and cozy theme in their own way, all mediums were welcomed and encouraged!  

Check out these TEXTILE artworks by artists in the show and learn about the inspiration behind their pieces! 


"Three Sisters", Textile, 8"x8"

"A Chance of Rain" Textile, 8”x8”

"I love creating landscapes from pieces of fabric and thread. Rather than mixing paint, I carefully assess and select fabric based on colours, textures and prints to create imaginary places. All from the comfort of my home. I enjoy walking in nature and being outside, but usually in more isolated places. Then I retreat back home to my studio to create things, and hand stitch while sitting in a comfortable chair fueled by many hot drinks and snacks."


"Eric", Knitted Wool, 14"

Knitting and lobsters are both special parts of my life and come together quite naturally. I learned how to knit in Arnold's Cove, Newfoundland with my Nanny Alice May, and my Poppy had around 40 lobster traps off the coast of Woody Island when my dad was growing up. I love to hear the lobster stories – and I even have a big lobster tattooed on my back! When I brought my son to Newfoundland to see family he asked me to knit him a purple lobster. Then, my sister asked if I could knit a white one for her wedding she had in St John's. The requests for lobsters and crustacean patterns just kept coming! Another lovely knitter Cassandra Harada and I chatted about lobster sweaters and she actually made the first one – a fisherman cable style with sleeves for all the legs (but not the claws). I made my own version with a fair isle yoke – and I haven't stopped since!"


"Spring Sweater" Crochet, Wool and Buttons, M/L

"Crocheting was taught to me by my grandmother, I think of her whenever I’m making a sweater. I enjoy the process of selecting colours, one colour leads to thoughts of another, and the palette expands organically. I’ve always enjoyed seeing how different colours react to one another. Crocheting holds a special place in my heart, evoking a sense of warmth and nostalgia."

Artist Kerry Hodgson stopped by the gallery and modelled Blaire's sweater for us! Other artworks from the group show visible in the background.

Gallery Manager Emily modelled the sweater too! Looks great on all shapes, sizes and ages! 

See the full "I'd Rather Be Home in My Sweatpants" show HERE