Thursday, January 30, 2020

Pre-Shrunk 2020, a week in review!

Friday, January 24 marked the opening of Argyle Fine Art's 16th Annual Pre-Shrunk Exhibition!  This year's offering brought together 95 artists, with over 300 artworks represented.

We received works from a variety of mediums from Paintings and Drawings, to Textiles and Sculptural works.  Our opening reception was very well received, and we saw a full house for most of the evening.  Anyone wanting to actually see the show that night, will no doubt have to make arrangements to drop back again!

The exhibition continues to grow in popularity, and we saw a lot of new work from first time contributors, and gallery regulars.  We would like to extend a special thank you to all our Voucher Holders and all those who continue to show their support for our gallery through the purchase of these small works and by promoting the exhibition by word of mouth and online via social media.  

For friends, artists and patrons who are unable to visit the gallery in person;

The Pre-Shrunk Exhibition can be viewed on our Flickr page HERE

Included below are some snapshots of the events leading up to the show, as well as some installation views;

Pre-Shrunk 2020, Installation View

Pre-Shrunk 2020 Selected Works featuring Textile and Sculptural Art

After-Hours Pre-Shrunk Gallery Installation, 95 Artists represented,
with over 300 works of art!!!

Opening Night Reception for Pre-Shrunk 2020

Pre-Shrunk 2020 installation shot

Adriana and Pre-Shrunk artist Andrea Crouse on set for CTV Morning Live

Pre-Shrunk Artist Gerhardt Meintjes promoting the show on set with Global News

Pre-Shrunk Artist Anna Whalen, with "CTV Live at 5" film crew
in the gallery promoting the exhibition

Pre-Shrunk 2020, Installation View