Tuesday, May 12, 2020

NSFWAH: Not Suitable for Work at Home: MERDE

Well, we're into two months of closures and challenging times here in Nova Scotia. The last "normal" day in Halifax was Friday, March 13th...think about that for a moment! Honestly most of the time it's ok, sorta. kinda. sometimes.

It's interesting to note how many of us have adapted to new ways of life that only a short time ago would have been deemed as strange and alien. But one thing remains the same! Swearing is still popular! Why just the other day, swearing was done. It helps with expressing emotions when you're just not sure what to say or think and releases feelings of stress or even happiness! Of course, swearing isn't for everyone and that's ok too but it  HAS been proven by Science to help, mom,...if you are reading this!

However if you DO like swearing, may we introduce you to the CURSIVE PINS by artist Amber Solberg. Amber has been hand embroidering these lovelies for years now, but they never seem to grow old or out of style! The "F" word is timeless!

Amber sources new fabrics and colour combinations and recently made them bilingual!  Not shown is the elusive "ZUT" which is only made once in a while, but we have plenty of other cursive words to be worn on your jacket, bag or just to be displayed somewhere nearby  to help, "give you strength" or make you laugh during these challenging times and beyond.  

See the entire collection BY CLICKING HERE, but below are a few examples of these beauties!
They are easy to send in the mail to a friend or colleague and are just $21 each.  Plus each purchase helps our little business and supports a local artist too. WIN WIN WIN!

F**K Yeah!