Sunday, May 24, 2020


Welcome to the latest installment of our ongoing Sunday Studio Days Series!  This week we'll be exploring the Artist Studio of Echo Nara.  Originally from Ontario, Echo is now living and painting in Nova Scotia.  We were first introduced to Echo's work as a contributor to our 2020 Pre-Shrunk exhibition...and we've been enjoying her work ever since!  

Inside the Artists' Studio...

" for me is a language, akin to dreaming. i have come to believe that communication, first with the self, is essential for a meaningful life, and therefore life itself."  - Echo Nara

A closer look at Echo's newest work in progress...

The pages of Echo's sketchbooks reveal studies for paintings, which explore composition, and form as well as experimentations with varying colour combinations.

An examination of the creative process...each stage is carefully documented!

The Studio walls display recent works that both inspire and influence later creations...

A selection of previous works adorn the walls of Echo's Studio.

"...during isolation, i have been focusing on a series of figure paintings. they are the largest i've done so far, and represent a sudden understanding of how i would like to work with the figure..."

Echo Nara, "Protection", oil on canvas

"...i really enjoy distortion and the blending of images with the help of technology. they help me understand the foundation of north-american culture, and how i wish it could evolve. i work primarily in oil paint, charcoal, and conté." - Echo Nara

Echo Nara, "Rise", oil on canvas, 30" x 24"

To see more of Echo's work, follow the link to our Flickr Page HERE

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