Thursday, May 14, 2020

Artists in Studios Getting Coffee- Our First Instagram Show Friday, May 15th!

Although our "new world" brings many challenges it also brings many opportunities, such as hosting a LIVE interview format show on INSTAGRAM.  So this Friday, May 15th from 3pm-3:30pm AST we will be hosting our very first  LIVE on INSTAGRAM show with our very good friend and partner in art, Gordon MacDonald. We miss his weekly coffee drop-ins at the gallery so it only seemed fitting to begin this way. 

FOLLOW US AND TUNE IN TO OUR INSTA PAGE: argyle_fine_art  and our LIVE broadcast will appear in the stories list at the top of your Insta dashboard/screen.  See ya there!

We're calling the series "Artists in Studios Getting Coffee" (the name of course, is inspired by Jerry Seinfeld's show "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee") and we are aiming to chat with interesting artists and creatives in our community. We'd love to make this a regular thing each Friday. We'll talk about all sorts of things over coffee and take you inside many of our artists' studios too! We hope you'll join us and spread the word online.

**Actually, we'd love to collaborate with local coffee shops each Friday- maybe we can make that happen soon too! If you are an owner or want to suggest a favourite coffee shop we can connect  with get in touch. ie- Featured beverages made by a barista and tips for how to make the best cup of coffee at home and stuff like that...yay! **


We invite you to take photos and tell us about your preferred hot beverage in your favourite mug each week too! Tag the artists that made your mug if that applies or the coffee shop that provided your beans if that applies too!  Everyone that sends us images via INSTAGRAM each Friday will be entered to WIN a Postcard Pack by Local Artists and some candy treats. Draws will be 5pm each Friday and delivered to your mailbox or doorstep, should you be the winner!

So get ready to get charged up with caffeine and inspiration and hopefully we'll provide some laughs too. 

**PS- This may be a little bit longer than 30minutes. Gordon and I like to chat. Tune in and out when you can or need to...ha! 

By the way, if you've actually read this far down, thanks! Your reward is to see the latest painting by Gordon of the Halifax Armoury that has actually been in the works for years now. The iconic building isn't really visible from this point of view anymore due to new developments and the building is going through some major renovations, so it's nice to see it like this.

"The Armoury" 30" x 30", Oil on Canvas, Gordon MacDonald