Sunday, May 10, 2020

SUNDAY STUDIO DAYS: Paulette Melanson

Welcome to this week's installment of our ongoing Sunday Studio Days Series.  Today we'll be exploring the creative work space of gallery artist Paulette Melanson; 

Inside Paulette Melanson's studio...

"One year ago my husband and I decided that we would like to live in a small town where we could walk everywhere. One year later and after much work to get there, I am living in downtown Lunenburg and love my little town and new studio space located in my home."

Studio view; surrounded by books, paintings and artist supplies...

"...While I work, it's important that I have access to tables, my easel, my collection of tools (some people would may call it garbage), wall space, the outdoors - my studio opens onto a small deck...I work on several pieces at the same time; I may even work on a landscape painting at the same time as I work on a non-objective painting..."

Multiple "works in progress"...

"As an artist, Covid-19 has not changed much in my routine. I paint daily. For me, it's all about the creative process; getting lost, discovering and finding something new or something familiar. I never start with a theme - unless I am forced to. I've tried and found that it killed my creativity. Along the way though, a theme always emerges in my work. Once I see it, I can put words to it." 

Building a "body of work" requires thoughtful consideration...

"I've drawn and painted ever since I can remember and created my first abstract pieces in high school...My art education and technical knowledge have changed a lot over the years but my process has never changed. I guess it's my signature..." - Paulette Melanson

What's on your easel? New works in the making...a daily practice requires storage solutions!

Paulette is currently working on a new body of work to be exhibited at Argyle Fine Art in August.

Paulette Melanson, "On The Way To The Market", 20" x 20", acrylic on canvas

To see more of Paulette's work,
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