Sunday, May 31, 2020


With provincial restrictions lifting and the warmer weather approaching, we hope everyone's finding their bearings, as we emerge from quarantine and begin exploring the "New Normal".  

We also hope you've been enjoying our "Sunday Studio Days Series" as much as we've been enjoying sharing our Artists' Studios (and their work) with you. This week we'll be looking at the creative space of gallery artist Miyoshi Kondo.

You will no doubt be familiar with Miyoshi's signature painting style.  Working exclusively in gouache, Miyoshi's work is colourful, playful, and often explores the relationships between our constructed and natural environments...

Inside Miyoshi's Studio...

"Ideas for paintings usually seep in when I am moving through an outdoor space, urban or rural. I collect these imaginings in words in my sketchbook. I accompany them with a rough thumbnail sketch but it's oddly enough the words I use when I sit down to create a visual image."

Tools of the trade...Miyoshi paints exclusively in Gouache.  

"To begin, I draw out all the line work using a mechanical pencil on watercolour paper. Then the painting begins. It is all done using gouache with a brush. The spaces are comparable to a paint by number and I start with colour usually the largest area to the smallest. The last and slowest step is painting in the black lines." 

An assortment of art supplies and paper, all within reach!

"My inspiration comes from thinking about how we live and interact with our environment and create living spaces. I like to approach these issues in a playful way. I often consider the impacts of development and technology and how this informs the way we approach the world and each other." - Miyoshi Kondo

Miyoshi Kondo, "Canned", 13" x 21", gouache on paper

Miyoshi Kondo, "Life Is A Highway", 16" x 14", gouache on paper

Miyoshi Kondo, "Flight", 10" x 10", gouache on paper

 To see more of Miyoshi's work, follow the link to our FLICKR page HERE

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