Thursday, May 7, 2020

Writing the New Covid Commandments with Kerry Hodgson

For more than forty days and forty nights now,we have collectively been in isolation from one another in a midst of cloud of confusion. We've been living by new sets of rules handed to us by health officials,political leaders and social media. It's been a challenging time, but  fortunately artist Kerry Hodgson has illustrated a few New Covid Commandments to help guide us.

Unlike the well known Ten Commandments that were delivered on large tablets of stone,Kerry has created hers on simple pieces of paper with pencil. They are much easier to share in the mail too.Many of these are still available as postcards from our PANDEMIC POSTCARD series (a way for you to laugh, send mail to friends and stay connected and support our local business and artists...hint hint) A few of the original drawings are also still available for just $20.

It all began with Covid Commandment Number One. This was when many of you were racing to the stores to stock up on toilet paper for reasons still not completely understood. Nevertheless, this lesson illustrated below is still very important.

Still available as a Pandemic Postcard from the gallery, $3 each

Covid Commandment Number Two  Many of you flocked to the store of alcoholic beverages- as many humans have done for thousands of years in times of crisis and in times good cheer, but be careful not to over indulge.This lady looks as if she may have over done it just a bit.

Still available as a Pandemic Postcard from the gallery, $3 each

Covid Commandment Number Three  Where there is wine there is often thy bread but not without yeast ...(actually not true- there are lots of delicious recipes for bread without yeast, but I digress) However it's important to share with your neighbour. This commandment is an oldie but a goodie and thankully has caught on over the years and in this time of pandemic.

Covid Commandment Number Four  During the time of crisis it's important to relax and take time for yourself, so Netflix and Chill...with Tiger King? Hmmmm....maybe just snuggle with your pets or loved ones.

Covid Commandment Number Five Many people with sewing abilities leaped into action to make protective masks to be worn for all of us as well as our medical professionals. Bless them! Some even made masks using old socks which was a bit questionable.Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau became a singing sensation overnight with his rendition of "Do Not Speak Moistly"  Strange times indeed!
Still available as a Pandemic Postcard from the gallery, $3 each

Covid Commandment Number Six ...and it was about 57 days or so, when the need to cut one's own hair became a real concern for some. Fortunately, hair will always grow back so perhaps just let the locks go until we are out of lockdown, so to speak..."And for goodness sakes, don't cut your own bangs!", chants all the hairdressers of the world together in perfect harmony. We hear you and thank you.

Original work still available for just $20

Covid Commandment Number Seven  This commandment is key to our very survival and should be followed now and forever. Never underestimate the power of water and soap again. Stay Safe. Sings songs while you wash. That was popular can be again. What's old is new and all that!

Still available as a Pandemic Postcard from the gallery, $3 each

Covid Commandment Number Eight  We must always remember the people that have died from this virus and the people that lost their lives trying to help others during this virus all over the world. We must remember to treat the Earth kindly and to be kinder to one another too. It's not easy sometimes, but when things go "back to normal" remember what is important to you.

THERE ARE  TWO MORE COMMANDMENTS STILL TO BE WRITTEN! If YOU HAVE IDEAS...and would you like to share them to inspire Kerry Hodgson for her next drawings, please get in touch with the gallery. Anyone that provides ideas will be entered into a draw to win a poster that will be created with all of these commandments and some postcards too once we are out of this mess. Email us at Thank you and STAY SAFE everyone!