Friday, August 18, 2017

Art is Everything: Repurposing with Purpose

Yesterday we had our third Thursday "Art is Everything" event. This week we had our wonderful Re-Purposers in to show how they turn something old or discarded into something new and incredible. The creativity in the gallery (and out front) was electric!

Angela Doak

First we had Angela Doak, who creates collages out of recylced paper - everything from scraps to candy wrappers, each little piece contains a bit of magic.  

Angela Doak, Stages of Collage

Angela's work focuses on animals, and started as a way for her to make art for her children. Now you can find Angela's work at the gallery, craft fairs and in her new book with Nimbus Publishing, Atlantic Animal ABC!

She was kind enough to sign some copies for us, so pick them up while they're still available!

Kim Danio

Next is the fiercely creative Kim Danio, who takes shoes and turns them into masterpieces. Kim has created animals, buildings, boats, circus scenes, fairy tale scenes - you name it, she's done it.

Kim Danio, Fairy Treehouse and Process

Her eye and ability to look at a shoe and pull out something new and creative is astounding and so joyful.

Kim Danio, Fairy Tree House

Kim brought two new fairy houses with her, and they're so amazing they must be seen in person to appreciate all the detail. However if you can't make it in you can see them online by clicking HERE.

Ed Beals

Then there's Ed Beals. Need a ray gun? Ed's your guy!

Ed Beals, Ray Gun in Process

How about a robot? Ed's your guy! Really anything made of metal odds and ends, Ed's your guy! With a keen building sense and an eye for detail, Ed makes all kinds of extraordinary pieces.

Ed Beals, Watch out little buddy!

There's a sense of imagination, nostalgia and fun in every piece he makes!

William Rudolph

Last, but most certainly not least, is William Rudolph aka Rudy, who makes all kinds of functional pieces out of reclaimed bike parts.

William Rudolph, Bike Parts Lamp and Works in Process

Rudy helps build and retrofit bikes by trade, his art making is just a habit he can't quit. His lamps are some of the most satisfying to switch on and off, which may be a weird thing to say, but if you come in and try one out we promise you'll understand.

William Rudolph, Glasses

Be sure to join us next Thursday, August 24th, from 12-2:30pm for our last installment, "Art is Everything: Playful Sculptures". We'll have Darren Moreash, who makes amazing hand carved marionettes; Dorothyanne Brown, who makes your favourite felted animals; and Terry Angus, who worked for Jim Henson and makes fantastic puppets. See you then!