Saturday, November 19, 2022


We love stickers, so we curated a selection of local artists who are just as excited about stickers as us! 

If you drop by the gallery you might not see many paintings hanging on the wall but don't worry! Argyle Fine Art is hosting it's very first STICKER SHOWCASE! With 40+ artists and over 100 original sticker designs our walls are covered in new and affordable art for your enjoyment.

Nick Brunt
Carin Katagiri

Andrea Tsang Jackson
Oliver Oldfield

Deirdre Sokolowska
Evan Purney

Ava Jones
Amanda Ingram
Emily Clark

Liz Ranger

For many of these artists it was their first time designing and printing stickers but for others, making stickers is just part of their art practice.

Special thanks to Mike and the team at Minuteman Press for all the help for our first time sticker makers! We are blown away by the response for this collection and hope to do another sticker showcase in the future.

Kassandra Lois
Amber Gillespie

This showcase will be on display until December 3rd... DON'T MISS IT!

If you can't make it to the gallery you can see the full show HERE