Thursday, October 23, 2014

Nocturne: It's a Beautiful Thing!

Last Saturday night, October 18th, Halifax hosted the 7th Annual Nocturne: Art at Night ;  which is an evening where galleries and artists take to walls, streets, abandoned spaces and even park benches- all in the name of ART!  What we love about Nocturne at Argyle Fine Art is the energy in the air, which  is really hard to explain and best experienced, but if we had to use two words to describe perhaps electric or magical may suffice. This little city of ours comes to life with safe and fun exhibits for everyone to enjoy for free. We must have seen close to 4000 in our modest gallery alone and really appreciate meeting many of you for the first time.

The importance of events like Nocturne are critical in engaging the public and reminding them that art really is for everyone, and we're open year round and always accessible. We love what we do and get excited when we make an impact on someone's day with art.

We opened two great exhibits the night of Nocturne which were very well received and still continue until November 11th, so drop by again or for the first time to experience these shows.  In our main gallery, we are showcasing the work of Trevor Van den Eijnden in his show called "Familiar Strangers:" which is a combination of three-dimensional sculpture as well as mixed media paintings, that are a direct result of the shadows cast through his constructions. The sculptures are made of ...paper and unbelievable!

Photo submitted by Paula Fredericks. Thanks for dropping by!
Installation shot of one of the paper sculptures.

Then in our Lower Gallery we are featuring the works of six artists that don't normally show their works in galleries, but rather on big and small screens all over the world, working as animators. This was a chance for them to showcase their artistic skills in their show called "Paper Trail" Special thanks to Aaron LaShomb for his help on this show.
"The Town Clock on Citadel Hill" by Paton Francis

 During Nocturne, the artists also encouraged others to do that same, with a "Leave a Doodle, Take a Doodle" Post-It note interactive portion of the show. Everyone that wanted could take a drawing or leave one too. Keep in mind, this wall began with two lonely Post-It notes at 6pm. At Midnight, this is how the wall appeared. What a great collaboration!

 Make sure to keep ART on your to-do list throughout the year! For example, come out to the 3rd annual DOWNTOWN ARTWALK, happening on November 20th.

Thank you Halifax and to all of you that attended from far and wide, all artists, all was a great night for art.