Friday, October 3, 2014

City Harvest - Saturday, October 4th! (yup, that's TOMORROW!!)

Yesterday on the blog, we gave you a taste of what to expect during this Saturday's City Harvest in Downtown Halifax.. To have given you the full rundown all at once would have been overwhelming, so here's what else you can anticipate to see this Saturday!!

Of course, artist Christopher Hemsworth will be here, officially launching his new collection of  Canadian Heritage Minute prints. (click here for more details!) but he'll also have a new set of ADORABLE pumpkin cards!! Each hand painted and stamped by Christopher himself.

We'll also be featuring a collection of photographs in conjunction with PHOTOPOLIS from 
artist Jayme-Lynn Gloade titled "the 8th Movement"

"Jayme-Lynn presents a series of portraits of Mi'Kmaq people portraying Mi'kmaq legends. In particular she focuses on moral, ideological, spiritual and survival roles and value within the legends. The 8th Movement refers to the eighth historical moment in Aboriginal history, which began in 2008, and represents the Aboriginal idea of  'the future'. Each portrait is the representation of a form of 'power' as demonstrated in different legends. The world power is this case is referring to the conscious alteration of the world  through the actions of every day living things. The 8th Movement is a visual strategy to initiate meaningful dialogue between diverse cultures while focusing on the Mi'kmaq perception of the world " 

 And to cap off the festivities of the day, we'll be winding down with a yoga class with Connie McInnes! That's right. A pop-up in gallery yoga class! Class starts at 6pm and runs until 7pm.
This series is called ART in MOTION: A special POP-UP Yoga Studio Session lead by Connie McInnes of Rock in Opposition (RIO) – a unique creative movement studio opening in January 2015 in Downtown Halifax. Only $15- Class limited to 10 individuals. / Attendees will also receive 15% off Voucher for Argyle Fine Art and light refreshments. First come-first serve! If you’d like to reserve your space, you can call Argyle Fine Art at 902-425-9456 or email Connie McInnes at