Wednesday, December 2, 2015

...And a Shoe Patridge in a Pear Tree!

Some birds fly South for the winter, the rest fly to the gallery! Come join the flock down at Argyle Fine Art this holiday season! This post is not for the ornithophobic.
Virginia by Melissa Townsend
"Come Awake, My Love", an exhibition of work by Melissa Townsend opened on the 27th of November . The gallery is currently filled with her wonderful critters, including this lovely peacock, Virginia

We are also pleased to introduce you to a new artist at the gallery, Mariya Tsehtik. A textile artist and recent NSCAD grad, Mariya is an avid gardener and her work seeks to integrate farming into urban life. We give you, The Flock, a lovely group of textile chickens: 

Three members of The Flock by Mariya Tsehtik
 We also have a new bird on the wire, a Crow by our resident bird carver, folk artist Basil Doucette.

Basil Doucette's Crow has found some shiny objects from Pin Action.
And can't you just hear this Marigold Warbler by artist Gregg Tracey singing a sweet little tune on it's burled wood perch.

Marigold Warbler by Gregg Tracey
And last, but never least, a bird made out of a shoe (a wedge to be specific) by gallery favourite Kim Danio.

Partridge by Kim Danio

And a shooooooooe patridge in a peaaaarrrr treeeee!!
Happy Holidays!