Thursday, May 21, 2015

Art Subscriptions are Making Lots of People HAPPY!

Selecting and buying original art may seem like an intimidating, daunting or expensive luxury  but we're here to tell you that it doesn't have to be!  ART IS FOR ALL. It can be fun and exhilarating to watch an artist at work, meet the artists in your community and eventually find a work of art that speaks to you.

 But sometimes you just don't even know what you like takes time to develop your eye. The trick is to keep on looking- even at works you may not like or understand at first glance, but to grow an appreciation for the art and artist that made whatever it may be, is a worthwhile experience in and of itself. You'll surprise yourself what you grow to love and eventually learn that owning original art is an amazing feeling.

This month's Creative Edition print is by Mary Garoutte
That's one of the reasons we began our art subscription service called CREATIVE EDITIONS last August. We've met so many new art lovers- many young collectors too,  which makes us sooooo very happy! The original limited edition prints by our artists has been a great way for people to learn about local artists and start collecting. Some people purchase the subscription as an extension to their collection while others purchase it as a unique gift for others.Find out more HERE and start your subscription anytime!