Saturday, May 16, 2015


Greetings and welcome to a very sunny STUDIO SATURDAY! Today we thought we'd share a few sneak peeks into the studio of emerging artist David LeRue. David works primarily with oil paint on canvas. His work focuses on contemporary focuses of celebration, such as stadiums and new constructed developments. Below are a few examples of a new work he has been working on- inspired by our never-ending construction zones found throughout Halifax at the moment. But somehow, David makes us see the beauty in them. 
The artist's Palette...always so interesting to look at. No two are the same!
Can hardly wait to see this series continue! Love the colours, the lines...

David LeRue Artist Studio- Works in Progress
Here is one of the very first works we saw by David. It's called "Snowbird Special", 54" x 66", Oil on Canvas. This wonderful work is looking for a home- perhaps yours! To encourage you even more, the regular price of this work is $1500 but is selling for $900.