Thursday, June 11, 2015

AHOY! Father's Day is on it's way!

Father's Day is coming and we decided to look into our inventory for some artworks you're dad may enjoy for his special day!  For the next few days we'll be featuring some great ideas for DAD...including prints, sculpture and even amazing locally made cards that are also perfect for framing...stay tuned and keep an eye on our window displays too!

AHOY Matey!  

This "White Whale" painting by Nick Brunt is the perfect combination of old-timey meets the modern man! Complete with Nick's hand-drawn typography, it's sure to delight! Better yet...we have the study for the finished piece too! Buy one or both- it's so exciting to see the progression of an idea and a painting, isn't it?

Study for "White Whale" by Nick Brunt  $65

"White Whale" Finished work by Nick Brunt $575  * If both works are purchased, we can offer 10% off the full price
And speaking of about a whale made from a BOOT!  Yes....this does exist and it's awesome!
Kim Danio is the artist- you should see what other works she creates out of re-purposed shoes and boots...out of this world!

We also have many other works - ranging from more traditional seascapes to abstracted scenes, such as this beauty by Sarah Jones called "Orange Tanker" or the small work by Vaughn Gray called "Roll to Shore".

Orange Tanker, 5" x 10", Sarah Jones- $210
Roll to Shore, 6" x 6", Vaughn Gray,  $125

Artist Becky Thompson's happiness is infectious!  That comes out in everything she does, including her paper mache and re-purposed  boats, that can hang on the wall or stand on a bookcase, shelf or desk. Add a little whimsy!
Becky's Boats  Various sayings and colours!