Saturday, June 27, 2015


Goodafternoon and welcome to this weekend's STUDIO SATURDAYS series. We hope you are enjoying  the opportunity to have a sneak peek into the studios of our artists. We represent so many amazing local artists, working in every medium you can imagine. But one medium that people don't always consider as original art is digital art. There's much more to it than simply working on a computer. Jane Rovers is one of the best examples of how digital artists are creating works that are personal, engaging and unique. 

Jane wrote some wonderful words about her studio and life as an artist below:
My "studio" is where I do all of my editing post collecting adventures. All of my work is digital so it is all stored and completed on my computer. My current process developed out of necessity. I wanted to work from home so that I could be with my children during the day but I needed something that was quiet and wouldn't make a big mess on my dining room table. Digital artwork allows me that luxury. 

In my studio I work at a custom made desk made for me by my husband and my father in law. Outside my studio there is a huge red maple tree that surrounds both windows. In the summer the studio is dark and cool and in the late winter months, when the leaves are gone it is warm and sunny. It's my favourite room in our house.

Inside I am surrounded by artwork from local artists, my children's artwork and my own. I also have a note written to me by my grandmother. I photographed the note and had it enlarged and framed. She was an artist as well. I lived beside her my entire childhood and she always encouraged my creativity. 
My studio doubles as a playroom as well for my kids. We often spend the mornings playing and working together in this room. 

Most of my creating happens at night when my kids are asleep. During the day we go on adventures in the Annapolis Valley where we live or elsewhere in the province. I always take my camera with me and do a lot of my photo collecting this way.
I collect photos of houses, clouds, landscapes and layer those with photos of texture I collect from various objects, such as vintage books and old bakeware (the round tin below was my grandmother's cake tin.) She baked all of my birthday cakes in that tin.
We can hardly wait to feature Jane Rover's works in a solo show this August, but until then make sure to drop by the gallery and see a few works we have in gallery now, such as this beauty below.