Saturday, June 6, 2015


Greetings and welcome to STUDIO SATURDAYS! Suddenly...Saturday is here! We barely had a chance to think about it since we were prepping for the grand opening last evening of works by  Shelley Mitchell - which are wonderful by the way- please drop by and see them in person or online!

Needless to say, we were just pondering what to feature for Studio Saturdays this afternoon until artist Yoko White walked through our doors this afternoon with some vintage inspired works!

About a month ago, a customer purchased one of Yoko's work with much excitement and offered a great idea for Yoko to ponder: to examine vintage, nostalgic or seemingly mundane and everyday objects in her small but mighty works.  The idea was met with great enthusiasm by Yoko and so she set to work...   brainstorming on paper first..planning the composition and choosing her colour palette.

 The results, as you can see, are exquisite! You can see all of them over on our Facebook Page HERE

Yoko sent us a picture of her work space and had this to say about it: "Here is a picture of my work area.  It is just a perfect place to work. I can look outside from the window, I  can watch TV or movies while sewing, and watch kids play games."   It's always so fascinating to see the various work spaces of different artists!

Yoko also creates wearable art pieces- that can do double duty! When you are not wearing them, you can display them in a frame, because as you can see they are just too precious to hide away inside a jewellery box and meant to be enjoyed. Below find an orchid she also just completed. Stunning.

We love that Yoko is open to new ideas and so excited about her's contagious!  Make sure to drop by Argyle Fine Art and see what Yoko White is up to next!