Saturday, March 5, 2016

STORM CHIPS inspired by Winter: Meet artist Kim Floyd

Local artist Kim Floyd takes Winter in stride like many Maritimers. Afteralll, there's plenty to do on a snow day- one doesn't have to look much farther than the studio if you're an artist!

The kids head outside to play in the snow....

....while Kim turns her snow days into art days. First she sets the scene with a little music with her trusty record player.

"My trips to the grocery store or market leave me full of inspiration for new paintings. Combining both my love of food and my love of painting brings me great satisfaction,” says Kim about her latest body of works that feature nostalgic food items from the region.

So naturally, on a snow day, she found herself surrounded by "storm chips" and thought it would be the tastiest subject for a painting. 

Kim's favourite flavour of chips is Salt and Vinegar. Her guilty pleasure is to eat them while sipping on Chocolate Milk..mmmmm

And so it begins....first to prep the surface!
It's starting to take shape now, but still lots of work to do!

Time for a little break. The kids are back inside and warming up from playing in the snow. This is a good time to get some lunch and think about the next steps to creating this "delicious" looking painting.
Before too long, Kim is back at painting! Looking good! And it sure beats shoveling snow, although that soon will have to happen too....

It's almost done now, but a few more days of work will be needed to get it where Kim wants the painting to be-  painting is hard work!
Finally after many many days of work, the painting is completed! It's called "Storm Chips", 9" x 12", Acrylic on Board

It's so wonderful to see a work of art in progress, and we hope to visit many of our gallery artists this year at their studios so that you can be part of the process and come to appreciate the art even more!

Oh, after Kim painted this work, she stepped back into the kitchen and was inspired again by butter! And really, who isn't inspired by butter! “I love butter so it was only natural that I should make a painting of butter.  Farmer's Butter is is a very familiar Nova Scotia product" 

 Drop by Argyle Fine Art to see this and a few other works by Kim Floyd, also shown HERE. 

                                                        Happy SNOW DAY everyone! What Inspires you?