Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Can't Wait For Spring! Get Inspired With Pre-Shrunk's Floral Showcase

 We've been enjoying today's Spring-like weather and wanted to share some of our fantastic floral paintings to keep you motivated during March! We received an amazing collection of flower inspired artworks for this years' Pre-Shrunk exhibition, here's a selection of some of our favorites...

Janna Wilton, "Antique Rose", 5" x 4", watercolour on paper on board

Janna Wilton, (Left) "By The Window", (Right) "Morning Daisy",
5" x 4", watercolour on paper on board

Not limited to paintings and drawings, here's some incredible ceramic works for your viewing pleasure... 

Devon Vankoughnett, (Left) "Not A Lily", (Centre) "Not A Carnation", (Right) "Not A Begonia",
5" x 4", ceramic on wood

Devon Vankoughnett, "Not A Succulent", 5" x 4", ceramic on wood

Adding a touch of colour to your home or workspace is sure to brighten up your day...

Sabine Kearns, "You Are My Sunshine", 4" x 5", acrylic on board

Bright, and cheerful, these Floral Bouquets are sure to put a smile on your face!  These miniature artworks make great gifts...

Raquel Roth, (Left) "Spring Fever", (Right) "Spring Celebration 1", 5" x 4", acrylic on board

Raquel Roth, "Spring Celebration", 5" x 4", acrylic on board

Dale Cook, "Geraniums On A Sill", 4" x 5", acrylic on canvas

Not be outdone, there's a quiet beauty in these dried leaf paintings, by Beverley Wong-Kleinjan. A sign or rejuvenation and renewal...

Beverley Wong-Kleinjan (Left) "Twirl Curling Leaves", (Centre) "Dried Maple Leaf",
 (Right) "Weathered Russula", 5" x 4", watercolour on paper on board.

With Spring comes Summer, and all the joy the warmer season brings...

Mallory Walker, (Left) "Lemons", (Right) "Cherries", 5" x 4", oil on canvas

Wenxui Ji, I Am In The Garden! Yeah! (01), 4" x 5", ink on board

There's still lots of amazing artwork to discover from our Pre-Shrunk show (still on view!). You can still view the full collection online HERE.

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