Monday, April 21, 2014

An EASTER SPECIAL HIGH NOON at NOON: Gordon MacDonald Was $3200 NOW $2200

As some of you are aware, usually in January and mid-Summer we highlight some wonderful works by our gallery artists that still remain unsold! These are always works the artist and we regard as important and beautiful pieces but they just haven't found the right homes.

We decided that we'd add an EXTRA one's SUNNY finally and it's EASTER and it actually feels like...gasp....SPRING!

So here you are...a HIGH NOON at NOON just for you...featuring a very special piece by Gordon MacDonald.This work dates back to 2010/ 2011 and is called "Chunnaic Mi Seol-mara", (I Saw the Tide) The work measures 36" x 60" and is Oil on Canvas.The work is unframed but on high profile canvas, so ready to hang as it is.

If you're a Gordon MacDonald fan, we don't have to tell you that Gordon's works are so much more beautiful in person than they can ever be represented online. Especially this work, as it changes dramatically in different lighting situations. This piece has gone through a few re-births since it first arrived at the gallery but all for the best! Gordon just can't seem to stop trying to improve himself and his works and it shows. This piece was displayed at the Halifax Mayor Mike Savage's office. This is one work worth purchasing even if you don't have room for it'll find the space. So dreamy!


 Until tomorrow at HIGH NOON this work are priced at $2200. After that time, it will all go back to it's  original price of $3200.

(FYI: Gordon's annual solo show this year at Argyle Fine Art will be held on August 15th- he's already getting excited to showcase some new directions while keeping to some of the old traditions we have all come to love as well)