Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Chatty Catty: Inteview with a Cat Series- Meet POTATO!

Argyle Fine Art is gearing up for a show that we hope will ward off some Winter blahs!  We're doing a cat show....called "CAT Person" which will feature close to 30 selected artists from a variety of mediums. The show will open on Friday, February 15th at 7pm! From the work we have received thus far, we can honestly say the show will be just purrrrrrrrrrfect.

Cats inspire artists and many artists have cats living with them right now. We thought it may be fun to interview some of the CATS of the artists involved in this show!

So, we hope you enjoy this first interview with a cat, named POTATO. She lives with artist Bryanna Chapeskie, who will be one of the artists in our show  "CAT Person".  Make sure to tune in again on Friday, February 8th for another interview with some cats of artist Rita Van Tassel!


Hi Potato, could you tell us about yourself, and briefly introduce us to your human parents? 

HI! Well, to start I am a small black cat, female, I enjoy a little cat nip now and then. My parents are Bryanna and Shawn. Bryanna adopted me from a farm in Antigonish when I was just four weeks old! I lived with her and her roomies for a while until we moved into a new place with Shawn! That's when he became my human Dad!

Are you a full time stay-at-home cat, or do you work part time outside of the home?

I don't really like to do much at all. I decided that life is all about relaxing! Who needs work!? Who needs chasin' birds or eating grass!? Not me! I don't bother with those kinds of things. I just want to nap, and sometimes meditate.

Have you been able to contribute to your mom art making process? 
Well....I like to hang around her when she's making things sometimes....I can sense all of that creative energy stuff floating around the air, so I'll come by just to soak some of that up! If I had hands I would totally get into it! One time though, I stepped in some paint and walked all over the house with blue paints on my paws....I think the work was comparable to that of Yves Klein.....

Have you ever purposefully shed your kitty hairs onto your mom's artwork?
I did once but it was an accident I swear!!!

What are future goals? Aspirations?
I plan on keeping it simple. I aspire to be the most calm and collected being on earth!!! I want to win a prize for most studious napper (and best studio napper!)

What are your guilty pleasures?
I rarely feel guilty, BUT I know I'm not supposed to do certain things like nibble on plants (which I LOVE DOING!!!) so I guess that makes me feel sorta guilty...but only when I'm caught! If I do it in secrecy and no one is there to see then I feel great about it!!

What is your attitude towards having guests in the house?
Guests are ok! I like to keep to myself though, so I don't bother trying to entertain anyone who comes over. Mostly they are Shawn and Bryanna's friends anyways. One time there was a dog guest, and I really didn't get along with him. He was UGLY! So I hid.... (seriously I wasn't afraid..he was just sooo ugly and smelly I had to vamoose!)

What are some of your favorite at home activities?
Well....I'd probably have to saaay....NAP TIME! I also love to run out the front door whenever I can. It's a fun game I like to play. See what I do is, I run out there whenever I want a treat, and the only way Shawn or Bryanna can get me to come back in is by offering one to me! I've really got things worked our around here!! They fall for it every time!!! I love games that I can win!! And when the prize is food well, it just doesn't get any better than that when you're a cat!!

Would you describe yourself as an attractive cat? Explain.
I definitely have appeal! I don't get outside much for others to really have a chance to see me, but if I did I know they'd be saying "WHO IS THAT DARK HAIRED BEAUTY!!? I SIMPLY MUST KNOW!!!". Seriously I have the shiniest darkest fur around! I don't even have to do anything to keep it that way, it just looks good naturally! That's real beauty!!! 

Any general life advice for the cats who follow our blog?

Keep cool. Remind everyone around you not to get too worked up about the day to day. If you can remember to relax like all good cats should than you will live long and prosper!!! (yes...I watch start trek from time and again....NERDZ UNITE!)