Tuesday, March 24, 2015

HOP to it! Easter time is coming soon!

It's really hard to believe that Easter time will soon be here for  many of us- with it bringing the hope for new life of trees and flowers and plants and animals!  Birds will be chirping and Bunnies will be a-hopping!  We're getting in the mood  with creative and unique cards by Jodie Hansen to celebrate the day.

We also have lots of new folk art bunnies and birds by Basil Doucette and jewellery by local artists, such as Jane Rovers that have just that perfect feel of Spring!

And if you are feeling as if you'd like to actually SOW SOME SEEDS, you can now do that by just dropping by our gallery, BUY a pot by Bethany Butterworth for $20 (small)  or $35( medium) and we'll provide the seeds and soil. We have peanut plants, and cat grass, microgreens and more!