Monday, March 16, 2015

Studio Saturdays: Art Reflects Daily Life

Here's a STUDIO SATURDAY, but on a Monday.  Sorry a bout the delay- we blame the snow!

As we continue our STUDIO SATURDAY Series, we are delighted to say many of you are tuning in and reading about what art means to people.  Enjoy reading below and looking!

We'd like to introduce you to Maureen. Maureen loves living near the water, as many of us Atlantic Canadians do!  She is often drawn to works that remind her of a special place that  she has been or experiences she wants to share with others through the art. Therefore, the art Maureen purchases is a direct reflection of what she likes to have around her in her daily life.

She's enjoyed meeting some of the artists who have created the works that hang in her home too, because indeed they also share in her love of nature. It's really about connecting with a work of art- but ultimately you are connecting with the artist. You never really know when the next work of art may find you either. It's all about looking, but sometimes works just speak to you right away, as was the case with a work of art by Mark Brennan called " Saguenay River" which she bought as soon as she saw it in the window of Argyle Fine Art.
Looking at art has changed the way Maureen sees.  Art is really everywhere and she explains:
" When I see a certain skyline, I think of Gordon MacDonald, when I see a wooded forest, I think of Mark Brennan, when I see a maritime scene or a dory at rest, I think of Shelley Mitchell, when I see a running brook I think of Sarah Jane Conklin.  These artists have made me enjoy color, texture and light in new ways."

Special THANKS to Maureen for her words and taking the time to answer our questions about her love of art. Also thanks to  her and the many others out there, for your continued support of local artists and our gallery. We sincerely appreciate the art appreciators!