Saturday, March 28, 2015

STUDIO SATURDAYS: Art makes Home and Community Better

It's Saturday already and soon the end of March too- wow!  Tis the season to begin some Spring cleaning and freshening up around the home. You know what really makes a home a special place? ART!One of our favourite friends and customers knows this from personal experience. She describes what art means to her below:

"I’m creating the ambience necessary for the 4 R’s:  resting, relaxing, resiliency, and recharging.
I’ve always felt that the best way to support local artists in earning a living (so they can remain artists) and the art scene generally is to dig in your pocket.  Attending show openings and swinging by the gallery regularly keeps you in the loop about new works by familiar artists as well as emerging talent. "

Mary Garoutte and Caitlin McGuire's Halifax Scenes bring this corner to life with colour!
"Art is not “highbrow,” (i.e. just for the rich and snobby.It truly is for everyone, and people should seize on and buy art enthusiastically the same way they would buy a newly published book or freshly discovered clothing outfit. 

Artwork gives “added value” to the lives of buyer and artist alike, by enriching the buyer’s aesthetic sense and helping the artist to earn a living.  If we’re talking “investment” here, it is investing in artists and the arts—a couple of my artists are barely 21—just starting out."

A Michelle Saint-Onge Screenprinted limited edition brings a vintage flair to this bedroom

"My taste in art is steadily stretching beyond my comfort zone into the more whimsical and abstract.  I bought a couple of artworks in the last half-year precisely because they made me uncomfortable—in fact, irritated me.Our lives would be pretty grim, colourless, sterile, and utilitarian without art."