Tuesday, December 6, 2011

NOW is the time to order your personalized holiday art cards!

Created By Local Artists

Once again, we are proud to offer our customized art cards by a variety of talented local artists. This is a rare opportunity to commission original artwork at such a great price! 

Perhaps you have an idea of what you’d like one of our artists to draw? Just let us know, and we’ll pair your request with one of our artists. If you’re not certain what to ask for, simply fill out our form, send it back to us, and our artists will compose an image from the information you’ve given us.  Perhaps you’d like a sketch of the house you grew up in? A portrait of a loved one as a child? The possibilities are endless!! 

The cards are created on 5" x 7" card stock...suitable to use as a card...and perfect for framing! Cards are priced at $50…an incredible price to have a very personal, special gift, while supporting local artists


Participating artists this year are:

Lindsay Hicks: Has a keen gift for drawing houses, portraits and landscapes... she is very skilled at sketching in charcoal or graphite. A great choice for a traditional, and representational cards.

Nick Brunt
: Loves using punchy colours, illustrating fun characters and creates interesting text-based work as well- great for the design oriented person on your list. Nick was named the SILVER Winner for best visual artist in The BEST OF The Coast's survey!

Jono Doiron
: Sharp sense of humour and loves referencing pop culture. He is especially great at making colourful and playful images with a illustration-like approach. Jono loves doing this project..he's been helping us for years with it, and his work is always well received. Some of you may know him from the Halifax Farmer's market.

Pamela Marie Pierce
: Beautifully stylized and vintage approach to her work. Fine lines of black ink with hints of colour. Her work often reminds us of illustrations from long ago. A great classic choice for every age group.

DEADLINE FOR ORDERS: Dec. 15th...but the earlier the better!!
CALL 902-425-9456 for details.