Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Now is the time to order your Pre-Shrunk Vouchers - there are only 50 in total,
and they'll disappear fast...

What the heck is a pre-shrunk voucher?
Let us explain:
Every Year we host an exceptional group show called Pre-Shrunk, 
where our most talented artists are asked to create art pieces that measure 4" x 5".
This show receives an abundance of outstanding artwork, and offers a diverse range of styles and mediums. There's always SO MUCH to choose from! Oils, watercolours, even ceramic! This is a juried exhibition, so all the pieces exhibited are sure to be of the highest quality.  

All Pre-Shrunk pieces are priced at $175. 
 Vouchers on the other hand, are priced at $150... 
that's a $25 savings!!

Voucher owners are entitled to both a piece in the show, and a place in line. Say for instance you purchase voucher #1, this means you get the FIRST pick from the entire group show. Neat eh? That's why we think vouchers would make such a great gift,  especially for those who would rather allow their loved ones to choose their own artwork.

Before the exhibition opens on January 27th, all voucher holders will be sent a link displaying all the pieces in the show. Voucher holders will also be invited to view the show before the doors open to the general public, this allows you to see the works in person, before making your decision.

Our first submission for this year is from Gordon MacDonald. 
This landscape is painted on copper, 
and of course, measures 4" x 5"