Thursday, September 29, 2022

Intertidal- Erin Hollingshead

 Intertidal zones take place where the ocean meets the land, in the world that changes each time the tide shifts from high to low and back. This concentration of life reveals many interesting forms of nature. In the new art showcase "Intertidal", Erin Hollingshead has created a collection of 10 paintings inspired by the ocean and her time around the water. 

Erin Hollingshead - Ripple, Oil on Board, 10"x10"

Erin has developed a close relationship to this unique nature through her practices of surfing, snorkelling, and coastal hiking. She takes her own reference photos during her time around the water, and it is clear to see how this connection to the land and sea has impacted Erin's work!

Erin Hollingshead - Crystal, Oil on Canvas, 12"x12"

"Intertidal" is Erin's first solo showcase at Argyle Fine Art, and we are so excited to have her collection here until October 8th. Erin comes from a background in portraiture, and works in oil, acrylic, and relief printmaking. You can find some of Erin's beautiful lino cut prints at the gallery.

Erin Hollingshead - Naudibranches, Lino-Cut Print, 6"x12"

Erin Hollingshead - Under the Stars, Lino-Cut Print, 8.5"x11"

Erin graduated from Fanshawe College in London, Ontario, and from NSCAD University in Halifax in 2016. She is currently based in Halifax and is involved in many art events with her community. Her work is available privately and through several galleries in Halifax and Dartmouth.

Erin's work truly transports you to the magical world where land and sea meet. Luckily we get a little sneak peak into the process of making some of her pieces below. The Cove was inspired by frozen washed up kelp that had eye-catching blue looking leaves. 

The Cove Process

Erin Hollingshead - The Cove, Oil on Board, 5" Round

Holdfast Process (left)

Erin Hollingshead - Holdfast, Oil on Canvas, 12"x12" (right)

Erin's collection has brought an amazing glimpse of an intertidal world into the gallery. Come on down to check out the show in person before October 8th! If you can't make it to the gallery, don't forget to take a look at the show ONLINE HERE

Erin Hollingshead - SunKissed, Oil on Canvas, 8"x10"