Thursday, September 1, 2022

A Thoughtful Cat- Yoko White!

Hi! It's Adriana- the owner of Argyle Fine Art. Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful warm days and cooler evenings, as we begin the most favourite month for most Maritimers- September. :-)

A few months back, I landed myself in hospital for a month and a bit. It was hard. I'm still recovering. But I was so thankful for all the support and love I received from so many people. Little notes of encouragement, friends helping at the gallery and new amazing staff to keep my mind at ease while I concentrated on resting and getting back to work.

One of the extra thoughtful gifts that arrived in the mail one afternoon when I needed it most came from Yoko White- an incredibly talented hand embroidery, french-knot artist.Cats and Art save the day again! Story of my life!

Yoko knows how much I love our cats, found some Instagram photos of them online, and got to work. Now I have these beauties that I can wear anytime but also display in a shadow box frame when I'm not wearing them. They are far too special to hide out in my jewellery box! They are works of ART!

Just look at how she caught their likeness from a simple photograph! I love them so! 







Great MEWS...I mean NEWS too!  After we chatted,I suggested she consider doing a few more and maybe even take pet portraits to a whole new level. She agreed and NOW YOU TOO can have your very own special cat or dog created!  So if you are looking for that extra special gift, get your orders in. Christmas is coming! Commissions are $125-$145 each. Contact the gallery directly for more details at or give us a call! 

Yoko also just sent the gallery these lovelies--maybe you'll fall in love with these critters too and adopt one or two today!Just look at all those details.....her artwork and kindness never cease to amaze me. These pieces are $95 each and include the chains as well.