Monday, March 25, 2013

Roadside Attraction BLOG mention! Come see the show!

Hey Everyone!  Angela Carlsen's latest body of work has been receiving great reviews so's the first of many to share with you, from Halifax Magazine blogger Nicole Trask.

You can see the full review, with more images at this link:

Artist Angela Carlsen at her opening reception on Friday night! All Smiles! 

Roadside Attraction

By | Mar 25, 2013

Last fall, I wrote a feature called “Art on Wheels” for the December issue of Halifax Magazine and kept in touch with local artist, Angela Carlsen, while she was on the road. When I heard about the opening of her latest exhibit, I was excited to finally meet Carlsen in person and take in the works she’s created inspired by her travels. On Friday evening, Argyle Fine Art Gallery hosted the opening for Carlsen’s exhibit “Roadside America” and my friends and I popped in to mingle and take a peek.

Carlsen had caught my attention last summer when I heard that she was planning to leave her job, outfit a sleeper van and drive across America making art and bartering for her basic necessities. In the months that followed her departure, I tracked her progress and followed her frequent blog updates. The determination and independence Carlsen showed along the way was pretty inspiring.

“Roadside America” features 14 mixed media transfers on aluminum as well as a selection of miniatures all capturing various roadside images from Carlsen’s journey. The end result is a vibrant homage to road-tripping showcasing the quirky and often outdated buildings Carlsen photographed along the way (think abandoned Six Flags, Fresh Donuts shop, Fine Bourbon and Glancy’s Motel). The pieces capture vintage Americana and slices of budget travelling that will surely trigger memories for any seasoned road-tripper.
Carlsen spent six months travelling from September 2012 until February 2013 and experienced highs and lows but for the most part found her trip to be full of moments of human kindness and personal enlightenment. After returning to Halifax, she was offered the opportunity to seclude herself at a friend’s home in Prospect to work on the exhibit. Carlsen says it is amazing how her life opened up once she committed to her plan.

“Since I truly decided what I wanted to do, everything has fallen into place,” she tells me at the opening. “After taking this trip, my moments of panic have decreased. I don’t worry anymore. I know that no matter what, I have friends and family who really support me and will always be there for me. It’s a great feeling and I’m really looking forward to my next adventure.”

It’s a lovely to see Carlsen so glowing and content in person, surrounded by her gorgeous artwork. Judging by the crowd that was in attendance, the exhibit is bound to be a success and will likely provide the means for Carlsen to take the plunge into her next travelling/bartering trip. From the sounds of things, this is only the beginning of the journey…
- Nicole