Thursday, September 21, 2023

Birds of a Feather & Blooms All Together

TONIGHT... join the Gallery Hop and give our window display of Dusan's birds a PEEP! 
We've made a special interactive display so you too can join the flock!

Our window display featuring Dusan's birds, with QR codes so you can learn & listen. 

 Last week before mother nature had chance to flex her muscles we held the opening reception for Dusan Postolovic's "Flock Together" bird centric colour pencil show and Raquel Roth's "Bloom" acrylic painting floral show. 
We were so pleased that so many folks were able to make it out to the opening even while the weather teased us all day with off and on rain! 

Dusan and Raquel discussing their works before the opening.

Dusan's colour pencil flock

Dusan describes his work as a way to "highlight the beauty of nature and wildlife that is all around us". The bird's from his show are collected from neighbourhood encounters while out walking his dog (as well as a few outliers and a sneaky & snoozy raccoon). Dusan hopes that through his detailed colour pencil work he can bring people together both through "a subject matter that everyone can relate to and recognize" and the use of coloured pencils, "as we all have at some point, held a pencil crayon or coloured pencil... and left our mark for someone else to see and enjoy" 

Dusan discussing his work with guests at the opening.

A wall of Raquel's Blooms

Raquel is an acrylic based artist inspired by "bold colours and the beauty of natural elements". She uses colour as "creative inspiration for (her) cheerful, bold and whimsical" artwork. Raquel's Bloom show features an assortment of floral images based off bouquet references submitted from local gardens and wedding receptions. Raquel's love for colour and nature informs her inclination towards floral work, where she is able to not only explore the many variations of colour relationships within the floral bouquets but also evoke an emotional response in her audience that is akin to her own joy and love for painting. "It definitely motivates me to keep creating art so that I can share those moments again and again, one painting at a time”. 

Raquel speaking with guests at the art opening.