Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Welcome David McKay To Our Artistic Family!

David McKay has been hard at work establishing his artistic career while living in New Brunswick, and has had much success in doing so. For the past thirty five years, McKay has exhibited throughout the country and beyond. He's had the prestige of participating in group shows at the National Gallery and has been the focus of a documentary on Bravo. All the while, McKay has maintained his residence in New Brunswick, where he has his studio space in beautiful Gallery 78. His home province has provided him the perfect backdrop to draw inspiration from while painting his lush watercolour and egg tempera landscapes. 
These paintings truly evoke the beauty of his surroundings.

      We're delighted to announce that David is taking a leap across the boarder with new artwork destined for Argyle Fine Art. Although many Nova Scotians have come to know and love David, they have not been able to see his paintings in our local gallery settings. Now that we've invited him to join our extended family of artists, we hope that you'll help us make him feel welcome on
March 11th at 7pm as we unveil his latest exhibition.