Friday, July 29, 2011

Art is for Everyone!

Think you're unable to afford fun and inspired local artwork? 

Boy are you WRONG! 
Have a look at these beauties, 
because guess what? 
They're all priced at 10$ and under!

Fancy hand painted buttons by Nick Brunt!! 
(or as our Friend Jono Doiron calls them... Brunttons)

                                                                     !!!BILL MURRAY POSTCARDS!!!!
                                                             By none other than the lovely Soraya Etemad
                                                                         Why don't you have one yet?

Oh Look! More pretty things by Soraya!

 And some oh so adorable picture 
recipe cards by Joanna Close.

 That's right... bask in their sweetness...

And if you think that's all we have for $10 and under, 
then you're sorely mistaken. We'll be featuring 
an entire section in gallery to such brilliant and affordable 
wares in the gallery this Saturday.
Swing by and have a look see!
1559 Barrington Street