Friday, March 23, 2012

Join us TONIGHT for the SIGHTS and SOUNDS of artist Mark Brennan

We're delighted to be showcasing not only the painted works of Mark Brennan, but also the soundscapes he has collected while painting on location to many of the areas depicted in the paintings you'll see at the show.

As I write this, he is telling some amazing stories to a local reporter- he has such a sincere passion for what he does. I could listen to him for hours talking about these works, and we hope that you too, will drop by the gallery this evening, Friday, March 23rd beginning at 7pm, to meet Mark and hear him talk a bit too.  Here is a picture of Mark collecting some sounds in February of this year.

We will be joined by Yellow Tail Wines this evening as well, for a special wine tasting in hounour of this new show and our caterer, Certainly Cinnamon, has assured us they have created some special "thematic" food for the evening.Start your Friday evening with us, or be sure to drop by tomorrow and experience the sights and sounds of Mark Brennan.

After the show opens, you will be able to see the entire show at