Thursday, April 26, 2012

Painting a Day Series: April 26th, Nocturne!

As many of you may know, Halifax's beloved Nocturne is facing an uphill battle in attempts of securing funding from the city. Although not all the details have been released regarding the specifics of this issue, safe to say that NOW is a great time for us all to pipe in with our support for this exceptional festival.

Nocturne is run entirely by VOLUNTEERS, and has proven to be one of the most dynamic, inclusive and popular cultural events this province has to offer.  We here at Argyle Fine Art are already knee deep in organizing this year's art offering for Nocturne 2012, and  it's shaping up to be pretty darn amazing.

Our fingers are crossed that Nocturne's team of volunteers won't be faced with road blocks at every turn. Lord knows they work hard enough already...  

We can never quite capture the spirit of nocturne through our quick photographs.. but here are a few shots from last year :