Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Artist a Day: Steven Rhude

Here you have it. 
Two new pieces by Steven Rhude, that are sure to make our 
seasoned art collectors water at the mouth.

These paintings make perfect examples of his distinct method of capturing our rural landscape. You'll find that his work often pushes the viewer to ask questions: Why Steven, is there a shed in the middle of the road? There doesn't seem to be enough room to drive around on either side...and they look awfully precarious that way. Are they vulnerable in their placement? Or, are they steadfast roadblocks, forcing themselves to be re-evaluated by people passing by?   

Road to Feltzen South, oil on board, 18"x24", Steven Rhude

 Road to Halfway Cove, oil on board,18"x24", Steven Rhude

No mater how you decide to interpret Rhude's works, you'll always find moments of beauty within them. These coarsely textured, and brightly coloured paintings in Steven's trademark poetic realism are now on show at Argyle Fine Art. We encourage you to see them in person if you can. But, if you're outside of our fair city, just let us know and we'll gladly send you 
photo details and descriptions.