Wednesday, September 5, 2012

ALL ABOARD...for Nocturne!

 Last evening, six artists went aboard the HMCS Sackville, near the Halifax waterfront. They went with cameras, sketchbooks and even sound recording devices, to capture the beauty of the Halifax waterfront and Dartmouth night skyline, as well as the mystery of this retired Military vessel.  Why you may ask?

Well, HMCS Sackville and Argyle Fine Art are happy to announce that on the night of Nocturne, art created from this experience will be showcased throughout the ship for you to explore.
Steam funnel aboard the HMCS Sackville

There was an amazing red moon that rose above Dartmouth, lots of nooks and crannys aboard the ship to explore and night sky lights! We can hardly wait to see what this diverse group of artists will create!

The works will be displayed throughout the HMCS Sackville and Argyle Fine Art
during Nocturne!
Expect to see art displayed in all sorts of places- perhaps even in the Engine Room as it was a favourite source of  inspiration for many of the artists;  with all it's shadows, texture and intricacies.

Artist Gordon MacDonald and Mark Brennan explore the Engine Room for inspiration....
Artist Andy MacDonald

Artists Shelley Mitchell, Andy MacDonald, Mary Garoutte, Bryanna Chapeskie, Gordon MacDonald and Mark Brennan