Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Birds of Heartsong Garden: New works by Gregg Tracey Opening June 14th

Tis' the season for gardeners to be gardening...birders to be birding and for all of us to stop and take time to look and see the wonderful creatures that live in our backyards....

That's exactly what artist Gregg Tracey does everyday in his garden near Lahave,NS.  Not only is Gregg a talented printmaker, but he also makes guitars and speciality instruments, jewellery and spoons and well...anything out of wood. He loves to work with his hands and his art truly sings (as does he sometimes too!)

We are excited to present a body of works by Gregg that are carved birds from wood, set inside or on carefully selected wood burls and branches collected by Gregg and his family from around his farm.

Here is just one small sample of some of the works you will encounter during his show at Argyle Fine Art, opening June 14th