Monday, July 22, 2013

Julyness Continues with NEW WORK by Stewart Jones!

Argyle Fine Art is excited to bring you "JULYNESS!" which is a celebration of this glorious month, with new artists and NEW Work for you to discover each week! So far, we've been very happy to present new works by Michelle St-Onge, Dennis Reid, Kim Naumann and Jasper Richard.

THIS WEEK, we are very very excited to share new works by a new artist to Argyle Fine Art:  Stewart Jones. We're picking up the paintings today, and hanging them tomorrow!  

Drop by and see them throughout the week or  this Saturday, July 27th  and watch the PRIDE PARADE from our air conditioned window space while enjoying art and entertaining banter :-)

Here are just two examples of some of the works arriving by Stewart Jones, but these paintings are worth seeing in person to really appreciate them.