Thursday, July 3, 2014

HURRICANE PREPAREDNESS for us Maritimers and Beyond

This blog posting goes out to all of us that may find ourselves in the path of Tropical Storm/Hurricane Arthur. Sounds like a pretty polite sort of guy, doesn't he...let's hope Arthur behaves himself!

But it never hurts to prepare for lots of wind and rain and the possibility of power outages and the like, so here are some very ARTFUL ideas for such events!

For starters, you're going to want to have an alternate light source once the lights start flickering and power is uncertain. May we suggest a very beautiful Sculptural Spheres by Karolina Anna- Hajna.  These works of art look wonderful anytime, as ceramic sculptures, but also work well as beautiful light sources. All you need are a few tea lights, then sit back and enjoy!

The small ones are priced at $95 and the larger ones are $150. They also make wonderful wedding gifts and come in many different colours. Karolina Anna-Hajna is also bringing us some new jewellery pieces, opening on July 19th...stay tuned for updates about that soon on this blog! now we've got your light source, but you'll need to keep entertained. So, we'd like to suggest some FOLD-EDs by Ed Beals.  We have so many different types of FOLD-EDs, so it's best to come and see for yourself.  All of them are very easy to make with just a bit of patience, some scissors and some glue or tape. Kids love them..but also kids at heart!

Each FOLD-ED is just $8 each...FUN and AFFORDABLE and by a local artist!

Another very important thing to have on hand throughout any storm, are some snacks. Here in Nova Scotia, they are lovingly referred to as #Stormchips .  Although we don't sell chips to eat, we certainly have a great selection of artworks inspired by food that comforts. Take this delicious plate of french fries by George Spencer, for example. Mmmm....

It's also important to remember to gather all your loved ones and pets too...make sure to gather the cats and the dogs and any other critters that need protecting from the elements. That reminds me of this AMAZING PAINTING by Gordon MacDonald called "Saint Poopee:The Patron Saint of Strawberries" .  Awww!! You should gather it into your home.  He will provide a lifetime of happiness and he's already house-trained!

Stay safe inside your homes and take care of one another!

Homes- Miniature 3-dimensional homes by Bryanna Chapeskie (paper, watercolour, ink)
AND IF YOU HAVE POWER, that's a perfect time to visit this blog again as we'll be launching our HIGH NOON AT NOON events beginning on Saturday, July 5th (that's where we feature a great piece of artwork that we've had for some time and hightlight it at a very special price, but only for 24 hours!)

Remember you can also shop ONLINE at our ONLINE SHOP (the link to the shop is on our main page of this blog as well...)

Keep your feet on the ground. Don't even attempt to use an umbrella in Halifax-( could blow away.)  Visit us often in person or online anytime!