Monday, December 22, 2014

Oranges for Christmas: George Spencer's latest work

Last year, around this time we blogged about George Spencer's paintings and how much of the subject matter related to holiday traditions.  The latest work of art that he left with us features brilliant oranges that you can almost smell and taste!

Did you ever receive an orange in your stocking on Christmas morning?

One explanation for this tradition is that December is the season of giving, and the orange segments represent the ability to share what you have with others.

George's wonderful painting, which you can now see in our window, was also the subject of December's CREATIVE EDITIONS art subscription project at Argyle Fine Art.  Find out how to be part of our Art Subscription Service in 2015 by calling us or watching this video from a few months back explaining how it works HERE.

Study in Orange and Blue- Oil on Board by George Spencer
 HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  The countdown is on now, to relaxation and thankfullness. GIVE to those who need it most- love, food, hugs...oranges. :-)   Argyle Fine Art will be delivering lots of food and toys to people that need a little extra over the holidays...we challenge you to do the same.