Saturday, February 20, 2016

Going to the Dogs with Yoko White!

We're getting excited for the opening of our Cat Person. Dog Person.Whatchamacallit Show. It opens next Saturday, February 27th, from 1:30-3:30pm. It's going to be a barking good time, and the artwork is starting to arrive at the gallery. Today we thought we'd give you a sneak peek and go behind the scenes with gallery favourite Yoko White!

Yoko created three embroidered pieces for this show using French knots. Now anyone who embroiders can tell you French knots can be a pain, which is part of what makes Yoko's work so amazing. She is a master of French knots, blending colourful thread seamlessly.

Yoko White, Happy Face, Embroidery

Yoko was kind enough to send along some process shots about how she created her works for this show. We're going to take you behind the scenes of this piece titled Happy Face. Here's how she started the piece:

Adorable from the beginning. Yoko's work always strikes me because she makes the complexities of her work seem so simple - the sign of a true master. Her colours are always vibrant and layered, like the way she approached the mouth in the photo below. I can count at least six colours in the tongue alone. 

 I also love the way that she lays out colour all over as she works, approaching the piece as a whole rather than working on one area at a time. The colour slowly spreads and fills in the work until the image is whole.

 I mean just look at that face. I want all the puppy kisses!

While Yoko's work is very clean and meticulous, as with all embroidery, the back becomes an adventure in itself with swooping threads and tension holding everything together just so. It almost looks as if the photo below of the back is the before picture of a puppy in need of a haircut.

We hope you enjoyed a sneak peak of Yoko's work and process. Don't forget to come see it in person, the show opens next Saturday from 1:30-3:30pm and runs until March 12th! Well behaved dogs (as per owner's discretion) are welcome at the opening, and any time really, as we are a dog-friendly gallery! 

We'll see you at the show, and until then, have woof-derful weekend!