Saturday, July 16, 2016

"From the Ground Up" - New work by Gordon MacDonald

If you're familiar with the gallery you probably know that Gordon MacDonald is a favourite here, but can you believe this is his 13th solo show at Argyle Fine Art? As expected it does not disappoint - From the Ground Up, features a wide variety of landscapes, cityscapes, colours, and big open skies Gordon is known for.
"From the Ground Up" currently on display.

Many of the works are on copper, which is Gordon's favourite surface to work into, but he's also produced a few works on gold leaf this year.

"From the Ground Up"

Here's a little bit from Gordon himself on his experience of being an artist in the city:

"So, 15 years ago today, I started selling my work to the public on my own. I had just arrived in Halifax on July 4th, 2001. Seven days later I was selling on the fence thanks to Tom MacKay. I spent the first few months outside and then to the Old Farmers Market. Halifax has given me opportunity to make a living solely from a paintbrush. Although I did much of it on my own at first, I also took help from others as it was given. In 2005, I gave everything to Adriana Afford (Argyle Fine Art)  and she has given me what will be my 13th solo show this Friday... and sold over 700 of my paintings. Thank you. I didn't have to go back to Toronto, be a cab driver again and produce nothing."

Gordon starting his art career in Halifax on the fence.

Gordon's work is always out of this world and this body of work just propels his skills into a whole new stratosphere. We'll let you enjoy a few of the pieces below...

Silent Orchard, Oil on Copper, 11"x12"
No Wind, Oil on Copper, 8"x10"

Falmouth, NS, Oil on Copper, 8"x12"

Closing Day Orange, Oil on Copper, 8"x10"

Light Breaks, Oil on Copper, 4"x10"

This is such a small sample of the work that you really need to come in and see it in person to see how it glows.  You can also now enjoy the show ONLINE HERE.