Saturday, September 24, 2016


Last year we began a series of blog posts, each Saturday, that took you into the studios of our artists. It's always so interesting to get a glimpse of the work space of artists and how much they vary from one another. We firmly believe that when we take the time to learn more about the artists process and who they are as people too, we can break down barriers that may be there for some people and expose art to everyone.

Today we're starting our Studio Saturdays series back up with one of the newer artists at the gallery, Kimberley Eddy.

Waterdance #13, 10"x8", Resin, Acrylic and Ink on Board

Currently Eddy works out of her home studio in Bedford, and was gracious enough to share a few shots of her working in the studio with us.

Eddy  works with resin on board or canvas, creating thin layers and applying ink washes and acrylic paint between them.

Waterdance #11, 10"x8", Resin, Acrylic and Ink on Board

Her pieces are inspired by aerial views of flying over water.

"The water is a constant source of inspiration for me. In these abstract pieces, fluidity and depth are shown from an aerial perspective in a watery palette. This work has a depth and detail to it that begs the onlook to stay awhile and look deeper."

See more of Eddy's work online HERE.