Friday, January 6, 2017

HIGH NOON at NOON: B&B- Featuring Bee Stanton and Briana Corr-Scott

Good Winter Afternoon everyone!As promised, here are TWO HIGH NOON AT NOON features today, as we missed yesterdays.Enjoy!

In case you don't know what HIGH NOON AT NOON IS: HIGH NOON is a time sensitive "sale" on  selected works that the gallery and artist that created them feel is some of their best works...but haven't found a home yet. We'd like to introduce you to these works and hope that some of them find a home with you. We feature ONE  piece of art at HIGH NOON that will be priced at a special price but for just 24 hours!

Today's first HIGH NOON featured work is by artist Bee Stanton. Bee is becoming very well known for her style of illustration and typography.  You may have seen her work outside of a traditional gallery setting, as some of her clients have been Estee Lauder (Origins Natural Skincare) Teen Vogue and East Coast Lifestyle.

This work is called "Nor Easter" by Bee Stanton, Ink on Paper  8" x 10" (Framed) and we thought perfect for the weather we're experiencing today here in Nova Scotia. 

 Until tomorrow at HIGH NOON, this work sells for $165 and it's regular price is $250

 Today's second HIGH NOON featured work is by artist Briana Corr Scott. Briana is now more known for her still-life paintings of late, but when she first started with us in 2013, she was experimenting with a variety of subjects and abstract works including this little beauty. We can hardly wait to share some exciting news about Briana and her upcoming shows with us in 2017!  
This work is called "Grass at Rainbow Haven", Oil on Canvas, 8" x 8" (Framed in beautiful hand-made maple frame by Briana's husband which could also be removed)

 SOLD  Until tomorrow at HIGH NOON, this work sells for $225 and it's regular price is $325