Thursday, February 23, 2017

The newest members of our flock!

Painting a portrait that not only portrays a likeness, but captures the personality of the subject itself, is no easy feat. It's even trickier when the subject is not human. Artist Sharon Cave manages to do both in her bird series' paintings.

Here we'd like to introduce you to some of our new fine feathered friends from her Rooster Series...

Oh Roland, always a little skeptical...

Sharon Cave, Roland, 5"x5", Oil on Board

Peabody has excellent focus which makes him a great listener, unless you're wearing shiny buttons...

Sharon Cave, Peabody, 5"x5", Oil on Board

Cooper is more of the silent type, but is a big softie once you get to know him.

Sharon Cave, Cooper, 5"x5", Oil on Board

You can see the full roost here in person or online HERE.

If you came to our Pre-Shrunk Show you might be familiar with another of Sharon's collections, the crows!

Sharon Cave, Crow 12, 4"x5", Oil on Board

While most have left the nest there are still a few of these inquisitive birds flying around the gallery. Come down and meet them today!

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